Himegami Protocol
2 min readMar 10, 2022


Adding a HIME token.

As scheduled on March 10, the HIME token has been added to the Shinobi wallet through a new update.

HIME Token is a token given to users who staked sUKH.

Furthermore,the total issuance of HIME is 100 million, and 10 million will be distributed to users.

The same time every day is unlocked. The distribution lasts a total of 90 days, and the amount of HIME that can be received for one day is the number you have sUKH÷90.

Also, if the HIME is unlocked, the user can claim HIME at any time he or she wants.

How to do Claim proceeds in the order of the following pictures.

  1. Access the Shinobi wallet and select the Solana chain.

2. Select HIME from the list of Solana chain tokens.

3. Please select Claim on the rightmost side.

4. If you select Claim at the bottom, Claim proceeds.

You will be able to receive HIME by following the above.

Please look forward to it. If you have any collaboration or questions with Shinobi Wallet, please ask on Twitter or Telegram of Shinobi Wallet.



Himegami Protocol

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