Announce sales for September 2021.

In September and October, we mainly focused on making Shinobi Wallet, so it is not much different from last month.

However, we started marketing this month.

The marketing team is working hard to give you a good report in the near future.

Let me tell you about the future developments.

we think it will take several years to spread the wallet.

But the holders and we can’t afford the time

we thought about what we could do to distribute more dividends to you.

◆ Related to Shinobi Wallet ◆

  1. Launch of lending services
  2. Even if it’s a stable coin, it’s possible to provide it 「safely」 at an annual interest rate of around 3%-10%.
  3. we think we will be able to provide it next month, but we would like you to lock a lot of asset in order to increase sales.
  4. 「your deposit assets will be secured.」

2. Start sUKH Staking

HIME,the governance token of the Himegami Collection, will be launched on the Solana network.

According to the team’s plan, if you lock sUKH on ERC20, you will get HIME to the wallet on Solana.

We would like to establish a system to farm HIME further by providing liquidity to the acquired HIME.

We thought of the best logic for maintaining the token price.

We are still investigating Solana’s response, so we will release the schedule later.

3. Further improvement of Shinobi wallet

We have received reports of 「swap errors」 and 「bridge errors」 due to recent changes in ETH gasfee.

The team is trying to improve on this point.

4. Support for Pancake Swap

◆ Himegami Launchpad

Our community is still small, but thanks to our excellent community members, we have received more consultations from other projects about whether we can conduct IDOs in the Himegami community.

We carefully select projects and give sUKH holders an opportunity to invest in great projects.

◆ Related to Himegami Collection◆

  1. Implementation of battles between users of Himegami Collection
  2. Details will be disclosed later.

2. Fix UI and Bugs

3. About marketing

The marketing of the Himegami Collection is scheduled to start next month.

◆ About KGR ◆

KGR can now be traded at DFYN.

It’s all for the report.

Thank you for your continued support for the Himegami Protocol.



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Himegami Protocol

A synthetic commodity-Yen.¥KGR is a decentralized elastic supply digital currency.Solve market manipulation and grow the economy of world with new concept₿