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3 min readMay 14, 2023

Shinobi Finance unites under one roof DeFi, GameFi, Web3, and FinTech providing access to your financial needs in an easier, more convenient, secure, and future-proof way.

We are excited to share with you the latest developments and progress made by our team over the past month. As always, our focus remains on building a robust platform that unites DeFi, GameFi, Web3, and FinTech services under one roof, providing our users with a more convenient, secure, and future-proof way to manage their financial needs.

In this monthly report, we will provide an overview of the project’s performance, as well as notable achievements or developments for the past month.

1) After introducing Shinobi Studio in our wallet app, our development team launched Shinobi Wallet v1.7.8 with more bug fixes and contract wallet functionalities this month. Update your Shinobi Wallet to the latest version to access the latest functionalities.

Our team at Shinobi is currently also developing new features for our platform based on Account Abstraction, leveraging the recent release of ERC-4337 on the Ethereum main net in March 2023. These features are designed to enhance the user experience by streamlining common operations and providing greater functionality.

2) Additionally, we are currently searching for Token Partners who are interested in collaborating with us on the Tabsai game. Our team is currently looking to add promising tokens onto our platform. Tabsai’s partners will be able to host their own tables on with their respective crypto tokens, increasing the utility and use cases of the integrated token.

3) Our team attended the ETHGlobal Tokyo held from April 14 to April 16 in Tokyo. The event featured leading names in blockchain tech including ETH, AAVE and Galxe. Our team had an incredible experience at the event, learning about the latest developments and trends in blockchain technology from some of the top names in the industry. We were thrilled to be able to attend talks and presentations by representatives from ETH, AAVE, and Galxe, among others, and we gained valuable insights that we can bring back to our own work.

4) Our leadership team also attended The Spring AI Expo (NexTech Week) Tokyo from May 9–11. The event is Japan’s largest trade show for AI tech companies to introduce their technologies to various industries and featured some of the biggest names in blockchain and AI technology. NexTech week is the leading B2B trade show specializing in blockchain technologies in Japan.

If you are interested in exploring a potential partnership with us, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at

At Shinobi Finance, we value and respect all our stakeholders. We are building a network that seeks to power decentralization by creating a crypto-driven economy with transparency, fairness, security, and ease of access.

Thank you for your continued support.



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