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3 min readJun 1, 2022

To Himegami protocol holders, Shinobi wallet users

Although the crypto markets continued in a bearish cycle, we are continuing building and improving our products even further for the next generation of Web3. Here are all the updates from Himegami for the month of May-


1) Our app-development team has been on top of their game this month. The latest version for Shinobi Wallet is 1.5.9, and some of the major upcoming upgrades include :

-UX: The upcoming version of the Shinobi Wallet App will have a dark-mode. With this new feature you can personalize your favorite investing app even more. This new version of the app will be released next-week.
-Multi-Language: In our quest for reaching more people with Web3, our upcoming app version will have 7 languages including English, Vietnamese, Japanese, Hindi, Spanish and Mandarin.
-NFTs: The much awaited NFT feature is live on Shinobi Wallet! You can access your NFT wallet in the updated version of the app. More NFT related features will be released in the upcoming versions of the app.

2) The Beta version of our all-new website is live. You can check it out at . Subscribe to our mailing list at for amazing giveaways and all the latest updates about our projects.

3) The Shinobi Wallet Discord channel was launched in May and received with much love from the community. We currently have 170 Shinobi Wallet members on our server. You can join the fun here —

4) The release of Hime Utility is coming soon. Make sure to follow our Twitter pages for all the updates

5)The Shinobi Wallet Instagram was launched this month. Follow us at

Partnership Highlights

At Himegami, we believe in collaboration over competition and continue to look for meaningful partnerships to benefit all our stakeholders.

1)Our team attended the Hacker House hosted by Solana this month in Tokyo. It was a great event and had many new and exciting Web3 projects attending. Our team is in talks with some amazing DeFi and Fintech projects for partnerships. More details will be shared soon. Keep an eye out for more!

2) The Genki Rabbits NFT partnership is underway and the NFT launch will be held this month. We are already testing NFT features for the new version of the Shinobi Wallet App. The Genki Rabbits collection will also feature a special edition Shinobi Wallet Rabbit!

Thanks for taking out the time to read our monthly updates.

We are building a network that seeks to power decentralization, by creating a crypto-driven economy with transparency, fairness, security, and ease of access.

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