Monthly report.

To Himegami protocol holders, Shinobi wallet users,

◆Announce sales◆

Sales have fallen a little since last month.

The volume of transactions is decreasing along with falling market prices.

However, there is no change in the number of active users of Shinobi wallet.

◆Shinobi Wallet ◆

As per last month’s report, the plan is going smoothly.

We will disclose part of the schedule below.

  1. Affiliate program.

It’ll be released by mid-March.

If the swap rate is set at 100%, it will be 20% cheaper for A (introducer) also 20% cheaper for the person who was introduced.

2. Support HARMONY and AVALANCHE chains.

The implementation will be completed at the end of February.

3. Implementation of AMM of each chain.

We are in consultation with several AMMs.

We will report it to you as soon as possible.

In addition, we have good news to convey to users.

Shinobi wallets can convert BSC, MATIC, SOLANA, HARMONY, and AVALANCHE from ETH of ERC20 to 2 taps in 2 minutes.

Currently, there are various bridge services, but what can be said in common is very complicated and transactions often stop.

After this multi-chain bridge is installed, the global promotion of the Shinobi wallet will finally begin.

It is the biggest differentiation point between Shinobi wallet and third-party wallet.

Taking advantage of the above strengths, we surpass the existing wallet. Please look forward to it.

◆Details of Hime Town ◆

Home Town is a P2E protocol based on the Japanese archipelago.

Hime Town will operate as a native app.

The stage will be based on 23 Tokyo districts, and 23 landowners will airdrop more than 90% to 23 landowners when land in other prefectures is released.

This indicates that wealth is concentrated in Tokyo today.

Most of the 23 units will be sold as IDOs.

The airdrop of the sUKH staked user is the stage of Izumo.

Himegami’s headquarters is located in Izumo, and the existing sUKH holder will live near the headquarters.

Hime Town’s trailer video will be released on next month.

◆ About expiration date of sUKH ◆

The staking period of sUKH will end at 22:00 (UTC-9) on 02/20/22.

Thank you for reading.



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