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4 min readNov 16, 2022


At Shinobi Finance, our vision is to create easy-to-use personal finance tools, enabling access to TradFi and DeFi for everyone.
Our team has been working on new features, functionalities, and collaborations for our products. Here are all the updates in detail for November-

1) Shinobi Finance is pleased to announce our integration with WalletConnect, the leading open-source protocol for connecting decentralized applications to mobile wallets.

The integration will enable Shinobi Wallet users to interact with thousands of leading web3 applications with ease. WalletConnect has more than 880k active WebSockets and integrates 170+ leading crypto wallets worldwide. WalletConnect secured 12M USD on their last round to build, like us, the future of Web3 and DeFi. Well done!

2) Shinobi Wallet has released three new versions this month, with lots of new features and updates, such as

● Our new Shinobi Commemorative limited-edition Card (Click the Card tab on your Shinobi Wallet mobile app to discover Shinobi Debit Cards). Get yours before they run out!
● Now displaying HimeColle NFT embedded images
● A new screen displaying any token details
● Updated libraries for the ERC20 & MATIC bridge
● We are now enabling the TYEN token-buying feature! TYEN token is used for the Tabsai game. Play now at
● Navigation bar UI improvements and other bug fixes.
● Unfortunately, we had to disable NFT buying in iOS for the time being to comply with Apple Store guidelines, but we will have it back as soon as regulation allows it.

Make sure to update your app to the latest version for the best user experience!

3) Our team also completed the successful staking of TYEN, a token for the upcoming Tabusai game. The game is currently in the testing phase and will be launched soon at

4) Manage your Decentralized Crypto Hedge Fund with Samurai Invest!
Create and manage your crypto hedge fund for private use or a public fund to manage third-party assets. Get access to real-time performance evaluation, and risk analysis, and invest your money in different decentralized on-chain funds offered by Samurai.

These exciting new features and a few more are being developed for Samurai Invest, the DeFi investment strategy manager, with a totally revamped UI. For the time being, users can access the desktop version here. The new UI and mobile apps are under development and will be launched soon.

5) We are pleased to announce that we reached a significant milestone of 11000 downloads for the Shinobi Wallet application this month, along with more than 6000 engaged members and users

through our social media channels. As we continue to build on our products, our goal is to make personal finance easier for everyone in our community.

6) The Shinobi Finance and team attended Tokyo Blockchain Expo / NexTech Week in Makuhari Messe, Japan, this month. We are letting different partners and investors know about our vision for the future of finance and are in talks with multiple potential partners for strategic tie-ups with Safed and Shinobi Finance. More details will be announced when these partnerships finalize!

7) Shinobi Finance is launching ShinFin, our utility token that enables every user to benefit by having access to Shinobi Finance services at a reduced rate, early access, and other benefits.
Shinobi Finance is also looking for investment partners to help us fuel the next growth phase through our Shinobi utility Token launch.

Therefore, before our public token launch, we are first looking for investors that share our vision of an easy-to-use all-in-one ecosystem for all your financial needs, providing both DeFi & FinTech services & tools, who can provide us with expertise, connections, and also funding.

Are you a Web3 / Blockchain VC or Angel investor interested in powering the future of finance and web3 with us? Contact us at
Our team will write back to you with our pitch deck or any questions you might have.

At Shinobi Finance, we value and respect all our stakeholders. We are building a network that seeks to power decentralization by creating a crypto-driven economy with transparency, fairness, security, and ease of access.
We would love to hear from you what you think about our progress. If you have any suggestions/messages for us, please reach out to us.
Thank you for your continued support!



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