Monthly report.

At Himegami Protocol and Shinobi Wallet, our vision is to create easy-to-use personal

finance tools for everyone.

Since our last update, Shinobi Wallet and Himegami protocol have made significant progress towards our goals. We have released a few updates, such as our effort to internationalize our platform, integrate new collaborations, and add more user-centric features. We are also in talks with other projects for further partnerships.

Here are all the highlights for the month of June-

1) Our app-development team released two new versions in June. The latest version for Shinobi Wallet is 1.6.1, and some of the major upcoming upgrades include:

-New Languages support: Our app now supports Mandarin Chinese and Vietnamese in

addition to English, Japanese, Spanish, Korean, and Hindi. Users can simply use the ‘Settings’ tab and click ‘Languages’ to switch languages.

2) Referral Functionality: We have added a referral functionality to the app. The referral feature will help users refer their friends and onboard more new users on our platforms.

3) Dark Mode: We have added some cosmetic UI/UX changes in the form of ‘Dark Mode’. This feature changes the look of the app according to user preferences. This functionality will add an additional layer for user comfort

4) NFT Wallet: We have also integrated and launched the NFT wallet. We are also in talks with leading Solana-based NFT marketplace MagicEden for app integration with their platform.

5) Updated Solana Library: We have updated the Solana Library for the Shinobi Wallet Mobile Application. This will increase security and stability of the app even further.

6) New Blog: We are developing our new blog as an educational platform while spreading the word about our projects. Users can learn about topics such as custodial wallets, DeFi, and NFTs. Find the blog here.

7) Community Growth: The Shinobi Wallet Discord channel was launched last month and received much love from the community. Our community grew to 189 Shinobi Wallet members this month. We are also shortlisting influencers for growth marketing. This growth will accelerate even further when we start marketing spends through influencers in the coming quarter.

8) Partnerships and collaborations: The Genki Rabbits NFT partnership is underway and the Shinobi Wallet x Genki Rabbits NFT was launched on OpenSea this month.

We are also in talks with other Web3 platforms and projects for collaborations and


We are also applying for an award nomination in the Financial Sector.

9) Upcoming products: We are also working on a holistic TradFi and DeFi tool that will help investors manage their money better within one app. More details on that will be shared as it approaches.

At Himegami Protocol and Shinobi Wallet, we value and respect all our stakeholders. We are building a network that seeks to power decentralization, by creating a crypto-driven economy with transparency, fairness, security, and ease of access.

Thank you for your continued support!

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