Monthly report.

Himegami Protocol
2 min readApr 13, 2022


To Himegami protocol holders, Shinobi wallet users,

◆Announce sales◆

◆ Sinobi Wallet◆

Sales declined slightly as the market trade volume declined last month.

How ever,there are good news, too.

In order to promote Shinobi Wallet, We would like to explain what we should aim for.

1, Free transaction fees

2, Support for P2P Payments

3, Support Cloud Loans

for other details

・DApp Integration feature
・NFT Integration feature with a new section called collectables
・Price Alert feature
・Dark mode
・Push notification also for sent and received crypto
・More Language support (English, Japanese, Mandarin, Vietnamese, Turkey, Hongkong)
・A blog section to read and receive news, articles, promotions etc.

We would like to finish the above points within two months.

If you look at this post, You may think “Isn’t my dividend going to decrease?”,but you don’t have to worry about that.

The token swap transaction fee is not the only thing that will be distributed to you.
And the swap fee is only short-term.

What sUKH holder and team need now is not trade volume but TVL to Shinobi wallet.
We will discuss how to make it happen later.
Our main product is Shinobi Wallet.
Please give us little more time to make it a better wallet.

◆ Susanoo Return Page◆

With the help of users, Susanoo’s burn was completed by more than 90%.
After April 18th, Susanoo during staking can be withdrawn, but KGR will be burned.
There were many opinions, but please remember that we value our community members.

◆About bUKH Staking◆

The currently deprecated bUKH staking starts within the month.
Staking bUKH distributes HIME.

◆ About HIME ◆

The HIME branding site will be completed within this month.

◆About Himegami Collection P2W Elements◆

Himegami Collection is currently producing Himegami Collection as P2W.

Hime Town, Himegami Collection, and Himegami Carta all operate as a connection protocol.

Thank you for reading.



Himegami Protocol

A synthetic commodity-Yen.¥KGR is a decentralized elastic supply digital currency.Solve market manipulation and grow the economy of world with new concept₿