Monthly report.

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3 min readSep 13, 2022

At Shinobi Finance, our vision is to create easy-to-use personal finance tools for everyone.
Our team has been busy working towards new features, functionalities, and collaborations
for our products.

Here are all the highlights in detail-

1) The latest version of the Shinobi Wallet App includes our new debit card functionality in
partnership with Mastercard and Fiatbit.

Shinobi crypto debit card allows users to easily spend their funds in any online store
anywhere in the world, and also withdraw cash in selected ATMs. Shinobi cards can be
topped up with cryptocurrencies, USDT, and ETH at the moment, although within Shinobi
Wallet, you can exchange from virtually any cryptocurrency to ETH or USDT. In the near
future, it will be possible to charge directly from multiple cryptocurrencies without an extra
exchange step.

2) Our development team is also working hard to improve the experience for NFT holders
and users. Shinobi Wallet can securely store your NFTs, and upcoming versions will
feature an enhanced UX/UI, and a useful feature to buy ETH-based NFTs from
OpenSea will be added soon.

3) Our marketing division has been working towards the development and launch of SAFED
and FGraph’s web pages. SAFED and FGraph are parent companies for Shinobi Finance
products. More details will be shared after the launch.

4) The Shinobi Finance team also signed an agreement with EXA to develop the future of
NFT marketplaces through rentals, acquisition, and NFT creation.

EXA is one of the first NFT rental marketplaces. This integration will allow all our NFT users
to rent or loan their NFT assets to a wider audience while opening monetization
opportunities for Shinobi Finance.

We are also in talks with a successful NFT collection that can be rented or loaned, besides
buying and selling functionalities.

As an organization, we are currently focusing on growth through relevant partnerships. Our
partnerships team is in talks with many more organizations and we will announce many
more collaborations in the near future.

If you are an NFT brand, NFT collection or NFT service provider and want to
collaborate with us, do not hesitate to contact us at

5) Shinobi Wallet is happy to announce the launch of customizable branded debit cards, a
useful feature for brands and influencers willing to monetize their followers and fans,
from card issuance to the possibility to integrate with their own services. Shinobi
Finance provides IT and design services to integrate

6) We are also working on revolutionary new Fintech and AI-powered products in the
web3 and digital assets space. Many functionalities are under development and will help
us expand our user base exponentially. Details will be shared in the coming months.

At Shinobi Finance, we value and respect all our stakeholders. We are building a network
that seeks to power decentralization, by creating a crypto-driven economy with transparency,
fairness, security, and ease of access.

We would love to hear from you what you think about our progress. If you have any
suggestions/messages for us please reach out to us. Thank you for your continued support



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