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3 min readMay 13, 2022

To Himegami protocol holders, Shinobi wallet users

Although the crypto markets faced headwinds and entered a bearish cycle, we are continuing building and improving our products even further for the next generation of Web3. Here are all the updates from Himegami for the month of April-


1) Our development team has been quite busy, launching 4 mobile releases in a month. The latest version for Shinobi Wallet is 1.5.7, and some of the major upgrades include :

-Solana: The AMM (Automated Market Maker) integration has been completed in the latest version.
-Security: We have added Touch ID and Face ID for better and smooth security verification.
-Inter-wallet transfer: You can now send and receive tokens between different wallets.
-Privacy: We have added a button to show/hide balances on the app dashboard.

Plus stay tuned for exciting new features in upcoming versions, such as a Dark Mode and new integrations for the wallet app! Did I hear our own debit card? NFT wallet? Oh yes! J

2) Our new website is in the final stages of development and would be launched this month. The website will be launched in 5 languages for the global Web3 community, with many more coming soon. Is your language missing? Contact us through twitter or email and let us know!

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3) The Shinobi Wallet Discord channel was launched this week and received with much love from the community. Within a few hours of the Discord Launch, we had 150+ members join our channel. We intend to use Discord for competitions, updates and closely connecting with our community. And we speak your language too! Oh, your language is not there yet? Please let us know! You can join the fun here —

4) Our weekly news thread “This Week in Crypto” was tweeted on May 8. You can check it out here.

Partnership Highlights

At Himegami, we believe in collaboration over competition and continue to look for meaningful partnerships to benefit all our stakeholders.

1) We are pleased to announce a partnership with payments gateway . This partnership will enable our users to easily buy cryptocurrencies on Shinobi Wallet with traditional fiat currencies. More details on the partnership will be shared soon.

2) Our team is working with the Genki Rabbits NFT Team to launch a special edition Shinobi Wallet NFT. Genki Rabbits is an exciting NFT collection and would be launching in June on OpenSea, the biggest NFT marketplace globally. More exciting updates are coming your way soon!

Thanks for taking out the time to read our monthly updates.

We are building a network that seeks to power decentralization, by creating a crypto-driven economy with transparency, fairness, security, and ease of access.

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