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Questions and answers about sUKH staking and HIME TOWN.

Q1) Has sUKH staking started?

A)It has already begun.

Q2 ) How can I get Solana Wallet Address?

A) You can check it in Shinobi Wallet.

Q3) Is the whitelist okay with sUKH staking?

A)Staking will not exclude you from the whitelist.

Q4) What do I need for sUKH staking?

A)You will need to pay for gasfee with ETH.

Q5) How much does it cost to pay for gas?

A)We don’t know the exact price because it always fluctuates.

Please refer to the following site


Q6) When is the end period of the staking?

A)The acceptance period for staking is one month from January 21st.

Q7) Please let me know the details of HIME.

A) Regarding HIME, Please waiting for the announcement.

Q8) Can I use the dividend WETH for gas?

A)The chain is different, you can’t use it without bridge.

Q9) Is it possible to sell the slot?

A) It is possible.Please wait for the announcement for details.

Q10) What is HIME Town?

A)This is a virtual space created based on the Japanese archipelago

Q11) How many HIMEs will be distributed?

A) 10 million copies will be allocated depending on the amount of sUKH’s Stakes

Q12) Is it possible to add a stake?

A)You can add it for about a month when the Stake period.

Q13) I would like to increase sUKH.

A)Please purchase bUKH and swap it with sUKH to increase it

Q14) There is a shortage of gas bills.

A)The gas bill is always changing, so please reconfirm.

Q15) Does Stake mean anything below 50,000sUKH?

A)There is no Airdrop, but the HIME token will be the reward

Q16) What are the benefits of Staking?

A) It depends on the amount of sUKH’s Stake, but slot and HIME are distributed.You can get discount rights through IDO.

Q17)How many times does Airdrop take place during Stake?

A)Airdrop is only performed once.

Q18) Is HIME Town 3D?

A) It will be 2D.

Q19) What can I play in HIME Town?

A) Please refer to this article for information. Here

Q20) I’d like to sell sUKH.

A)sUKH cannot be sold. please swap to bUKH.

Q21) What is the price and IDO details of the slot?

A)It will be announced later. Please wait for the announcement.

Q22) Why do I need Solana Wallet Address to Staking sUKH?

A)The HIME token is a Solana chain. It will be distributed in Solana, for this reason,Solana Wallet Address is required.

Q23) Where can I see the price of HIME?

A) There is no transaction with HIME yet. Details will be open soon.

Q24) What’s going on with the bot?

A)We are currently implementing countermeasures in Shinobi Wallet.

Q25) I’d like to buy bukh to increase sUKH, where should I buy it from?

A)You can purchase from Shinobi Wallet.

Q26) I’m thinking of owning a new sUKH, but is the new one eligible for compensation?

A)We are currently considering new entrants. It will be announced later. Please wait for the announcement.

If you have any questions other than the above questions, please contact us through Line’s chat or Twitter DM. I’ll answer your question.

Thank you for reading.



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