Report of changes in the last three weeks.

In the last three weeks, our team has made many updates.

From correcting errors to introducing new ones, we are introducing new ones day by day.

Today I want to explain what has changed over the past three weeks.

First, we were able to significantly reduce the previously expensive gasfee with the new calculation method.

We updated the gasfee, which was expensive for a small amount of swap or remittance, with a new calculation method, and it has been drastically reduced.

The gasfee has become adjustable when the second BSC is transmitted.

You can adjust it by entering the gas fee yourself.

However, there may be errors at a low price, so it is necessary to set a higher gas fee for success.

Third, low-duty, adjustable gas ratio. The existing gas ratio is fixed, so gas ratio that could not be chosen is now available to choose between low, middle, and high . But like above, a small gas ratio causes errors.

If you choose middle and high, your chances of success.

There was an error after the fourth send that the TXID was not displayed.

We have received several inquiries and have them revised.

The TXID is currently displayed normally.

Finally, a feature of our Himegami protocol, the Rebase, was skipped twice.

The reason for skipping is that the KGR rebase failed due to the surge in gas fee.

We’ve lowered gas costs in the way we’ve talked about in the first place, so we don’t have to skip any more because of gas fee.

We are doing our best to fix many updates and errors.

Sorry for the delay in responding. If you find an error or have any questions, please contact HIMEGAMI PROTOCOL’s Twitter or SHINOBI WALLET’s Twitter via DM.


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Himegami Protocol

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