Shinobi Wallet has been updated 1.4.8

There are two ways to update.

1.How to update follow the pop-up displayed in the shinobi wallet.

2.How to update directly from the Appstore or Play Store.

You can update your Shinobi wallet in the above way.

What changed in the 1.4.8 update? Let’s take a look!

1.The amount of sUKH staked is displayed in the Shinobi wallet.

You can check the amount of sUKH you stake on the wallet.

How to check: Please follow this method for checking.

1.Please Tap Defi on mainscreen.

2.Please tap sUKH from token list.

3.Please tap Ongoing stake .

You can check the total amount of sUKH being staked and the elapsed date of the start date and end date.

2.SUKH Stake, acceptance completed.

sUKH staking, which was possible among the existing Shinobi wallet finance items, has ended, you can no longer find sUKH in the staking items.

However, staking other than Holon, kagra, bUKH, Betoken, and Susanoo is continuously possible.

3. Affiliate

If new users enter the introducer’s ERC20 address when a new user makes a wallet, the introducer can receive a 20% commission. In addition, 20% of the commission will be cheaper for new users when trading.

You can get these benefits by introducing a shinobi wallet to a person who does not use the shinobi wallet, and the introducer’s ERC20 address is essential to receive the benefit.

Additional points.

Our team is in a hurry to start distributing HIME by March 10 at the latest.

In addition, we will deliver better news to you quickly.

Please look forward to it. If you have any collaboration or questions with Shinobi Wallet, please ask on Twitter or Telegram of Shinobi Wallet.

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