Shinobi wallet updated to 1.3.9

There are two ways to update.

1.How to update follow the pop-up displayed in the shinobi wallet.

2.How to update directly from the Appstore or Play Store.

You can update your Shinobi wallet in the above way.

1.Deposit function has been updated.

You can find the deposit by clicking the token in ERC20.

If you using this function, the selected token can be bridged with a polygon chain.

2.Withdraw function has been updated.

What is deposited in polygonchain can be changed back to ERC20. Also you can find withdraw by selecting the token you want to withdraw in MATIC.

3.Gasfee has been changed.

Previously, gasfee were fixed, but recently, swaps and unstaking or staking have often failed due to gasfee.

To reduce this, we chose a method in which the gasfee is adjusted according to fluctuations. This is expected to reduce the number of failures caused by gasfee will be reduced.

So that you can adjust the gasfee manually,we planning to introduce a manual control function.

This is all what has been changed to 1.3.9 update.

Please look forward to it. If you have any collaboration or questions with Shinobi Wallet,

please ask on Twitter or LINE of Shinobi Wallet.



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