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Shinobi’s mission: “Evolving conventional Finance, using contemporary technology.”

The rise of the internet in the early 2000s has turned our existence upside down. It has revolutionalised communication, entertainment, productivity, human interactions, finance and almost every facet of our lives; this transformation ushered in convenience, speed, effectiveness and efficiency that has never been recorded in human history. From a historical perspective, owning and using money seem complicated; investing and transacting require many papers. In a word, “Ambiguous” the process is devoid of transparency and solid security infrastructure, which men of the underworld exploit, causing individuals and organisations to lose their investment and future. At that moment in history, we could’ve only dreamt of investing or transacting with the ease of sending an email or text that we now experience in today’s world.

Shinobi’s mission is to build a world accessible and user-friendly wallet service that empowers its users to end financial exclusion while fulfilling their financial goals in a digital economy.

Limitless Personal Finance

Humanity has only achieved progress through time by breaking barriers, removing frictions that impacted social and economic growth opportunities, and expanding existing knowledge frontiers in society. Despite these, personal finance remains a rare privilege reserved to very few within the society, often regarded as elites. The majority of the populace within the community are ousted either due to its complexity or unavailability.

The foundational construct of the modern-day financial system is built on fiat currencies and primitive technologies; it is ridiculously complex, insanely costly to participants, and commonly abused by powers at the helm of affairs – lastly, it’s poorly protected.

In today’s world, where everyone seeks freedom, the need for financial gatekeepers is becoming less and less popular as they are unfit to face and service the future. Without a doubt, new economic players will serve the digital economy.

Technology enables a new society and economy where everyone can be a part of a thriving economy by eliminating marginalisation and discrimination of gender, age, race, religion, technical expertise, or education.

Innovation in a limitless economy

Whenever we think of a borderless economy, we experience a vivid visualisation of utopia. To bring into reality our imagination, we need to examine what is required. Intuitively to experience an economy without limits that highlight freedom, innovation needs to be at the forefront; that is why we believe economies and societies should be digitised. The asset being electronically represented in a central database isn’t enough but instead echoes the need for irrefutable, verifiable proof of the existence and ownership that is mathematically encoded. Which allows for digital assets to be verified, used, traded, sent or received by everyone anywhere in the world.

The future of asset representation, creation and preservation are on the blockchain. Fiat money, identity contracts, art, debits and credits, signature, car ownership, Insurance, gaming items and even voting can and will be transferred to the blockchain with this innovation; new economic opportunities will be presented while eliminating financial constraints and discrimination. The implication is that anyone can and will freely participate without permission, restriction or technical background and assistance: swift and low-cost remittance anywhere, access to credit to build a business, simple invoicing and payment for independent workers, asset trading, and more are features of the blockchain technology.

Traditional businesses will adopt blockchain technology to solve existing problems; new companies will emerge to solve new problems which may ensue using blockchain technology. Overall, society will be offered new opportunities because of this technology.

“Crypto native assets” will exist because this new technology made it possible. Digital art, crypto domain, game items, decentralised finance and many more. A new type of economy will emerge, bringing with it new borderless opportunities because everyone and anywhere in the world will have access to them with a few clicks and will have complete control and ownership over them.

Shinobi: “Simplicity Re-defined”

We are on a mission to help and assist everyone everywhere participate in the borderless economy easily and securely. Shinobi is at the forefront of creating a borderless financial service that will support all relevant native crypto protocols, digital assets and financial services; we want to facilitate the much-required transition from a border economy to a borderless economy.

Shinobi’s core principles

· In a world where mobile devices are the go-to tools for communication, entertainment, productivity, and creativity, Shinobi is mobile-first to enable anyone to access crypto finance anywhere.

· In a world where digital security is quite vulnerable to attacks, Shinobi has gone the extra mile to provide its users with top-level security.

· In a world where software complexity is increasing, Shinobi is simple and meant to eliminate the complexity of onboarding, to support any digital asset, transacting, and trading, leaving room for a joyful experience.

· In a world where cryptocurrency is increasingly difficult to comprehend and use, Shinobi is accessible to anyone and provides the benefits of cryptocurrency without demanding any technical knowledge from our clients.

· In a world where education can be expensive, Shinobi is here to provide you with all the necessary support and resource to help you transition into a borderless economy.

· In a world where there is a lot of noise and shortcuts to success, we construct a team driven by this objective, looking to the outcome of a long-term revolution and making decisions together that serve a better future for our consumers.



Himegami Protocol

A synthetic commodity-Yen.¥KGR is a decentralized elastic supply digital currency.Solve market manipulation and grow the economy of world with new concept₿