Sinobi wallet is updated to 1.3.7

There are two ways to update.

1.How to update follow the pop-up displayed in the shinobi wallet.

2.How to update directly from the Appstore or Play Store.

You can update your Shinobi wallet in the above way.

Mercuryo has been added as provider. There were only. Indacoin and transak as provider.

It is a provider that provides the use of GooglePay and ApplePay as well as VISA and Master card.

You can pay comfortably without any hassle, such as entering the number of your credit card.

2. Changes in staking.

Existing staking stopped at the end of the lock period, but this update changed it to continue even after the staking period.

If the staking lock period is 90 days, staking will automatically continue after 90 days, and you can claim it at any time.

Since there is no new transaction, there is no gasfee incurred even if staking continues automatically.

Additionally, the following have been added in this update.

Please look forward to it. If you have any collaboration or questions with Shinobi Wallet,

please ask on Twitter or LINE of Shinobi Wallet.



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