This is a summary of the words used in the Shinobi wallet in an easy-to-understand manner.

It was made for those who first use the Shinobi wallet or beginners. we are making a wallet that is easy for beginners to use.


Wallet refers to the wallet you created after install the Shinobi wallet.

Even while holding a wallet, multiple additional wallets can be created in the setting.


Swap refers to the ability to change the token you have into the token you want.

For example, it’s a similar concept to exchanging money before you travel abroad.


In finance in Shinobi wallet, staking, ukh exchange, and invest are possible.

You can earn interest by staking several tokens such as KGR. And there is a function that allows you to exchange your sUKH for bUKH or vice versa.

Invest is an investment function that allows you to receive APY by depositing ERC20 or BSC.


In the settings, you can create a new wallet, add an existing wallet, change language, etc.


It is a function that allows you to select a token you own and send it to others. Just as you need an account number, you also need the recipient’s wallet address.


It display your wallet address and QR code so that others can send you tokens.


You can purchase multiple tokens using a credit card.

You can choose providers: INDACOIN, TRANSAK,mercuuryo.

Add token

You can add tokens that are not added or owned your shinobi wallet.

If you select Add more token at the bottom, you can add it using the address name symbol.

Gas price

This is the fee required to use each network.

Prices rise or fall sharply depending on the network situation.

It’s not a fixed price.

Slippage tolerance

This is the allowable range of the difference between the intended fastening price and the actual fastening price. For example, if you raise the slip paper to 3% and try to exchange it, the exchange rate will change rapidly along the way, allowing it to be signed even if there is a difference in the signing price up to 6%.

If the gas price rises or falls sharply in a short time, the slipage tolerance must be increased.


It’s like depositing cash in a bank account to receive interest from a bank, staking is depositing tokens on the platform.


It is to claim compensation obtained from staking. If you make a claim, compensation will be added to your wallet.

If you don’t know any words or feel difficulties to use while using the Shinobi wallet, please let us know through Twitter’s DM or LINE.



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